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May 3, 4: After a year of dating Katy and Orlando Bloom go their separate. Though Saldana's rep denied the romance just a few weeks back when the two were spotted in a club together in New York City, Saldana, 33, and Cooper, 36, who star in the upcoming The Words, have been spending a lot of time together in the past month. Even if their reps deny the rumors, however, photos of the couple snuggling together like those seen at The Daily Mail though likely from the set of their new movie, where they play a couple are sure to keep the rumor mill well-fueled. Yet that is exactly what rumor mongers are claiming Zoe Saldana has done, as sources for E!Back in November, Saldana and her fiance Keith Britton announced they were no longer together just hours before the actress presented the Hari Stylist of the Year zoe saldana dating keith britton at the Hollywood Style Awards. If Saldana is, in fact, the only woman who appears to prefer Bradley Cooper to Ryan Gosling, it will come as something of a blow to the man romantically linked to her for over ten years, and who had been engaged to the Avatar actress until November. Serdecznie była powitana mająca 92 lata, siostra Mary Martin Żywina, która w wieku 7 lat, była świadkiem poświęcenia ziemi na miejsce przyszłego kościoła św Antoniego.

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Głównym mówcą wieczoru był ks Mieczysław Burdzy, OMI, dziekan proboszcz parafii św Henryka w Melville, SK.

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